Wavelex specializes in high performance SMA and N-connectorized RF components for Aerospace & Defense and Test & Measurement bench test set-up.

Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry has highly specialized needs for electronic components, circuits and systems. Reliability is of major concern, as human lives are often on the line. Military-qualified (MILQUAL) electronic equipment must be able to withstand the various environmental challenges of the modern battlefield (land, sea, and air). It must be capable of functioning properly while moving rapidly through earth's multi-layered atmosphere. And it must also be able to endure the high-electronic-stress environment of "near-space" for missile trajectory, satellite orbit, rocket launch.

Test & Measurement

Today's demands for ever-increasing functionality and small form factors make fully-equipped test and measurement abilities crucial to product development, including final testing stages. Wavelex offers a wide range lab bench components--test cables, amplifiers , switches, attenuators, passives, electromechanical products, adapters, and test lab kits--that allow design engineers to accurately measure a diverse range of parameters.